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BlueLine Series Blow Molding


New Feature!
Now to our blow molding machines you can add an innovative machine monitoring module. This module provides a live feedback identifying if any of the machine parts does need servicing.

Blueline series machines, manufactured by STM, feature compact devices, with 2, 4, 6 or 8 cavities, depending on the model.
Characteristics of
the machines are as follows:

  • high efficiency up to 99%,

  • speed per blow mould – up to 2200bph,

  • compact design,

  • low operating costs, energy consumption: 4,5W per 1L bottle,

  • high repeatability of bottles

  • ease of use, with user-friendly interface and extensive controllability

  • possibility of using low weight preforms

Most of the machine’s functions are controlled by servomotors; this way the machine runs faster, is more quiet and consumes 50% less air at 10 bar than comparable designs based on pneumatics. As a standard, STM machines are equipped with ECO Power Innovation System ® that ensures high quality of produced bottles while providing maximum power savings; moreover, a number of options is also available.

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