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Linker Group

LINKER was foundedin 1958. From our two locations in the USA and Poland we have endeavored to provide a complete, constantly evolving range of goods and services to the beverage and packaging  industry. In 1993 Linker opened its facility in Europe, located in Poland. The daily activity of the business in Poland is managed by Dr. Fred Kleczek and Dr. Wlodek Niedzialkowski and in the USA by Sheree and David Linker. The success of our company is evidenced by our 55 years of service to our customers


We have staff of over 200 located at our facilities in Hillside, New Jersey USA, and Tyczyn-Rzeszow, Poland. Our engineering staff uses the latest in computer assisted design software to supervise the preparation of all equipment. Our core business is to the Beverage and Food industry. In addition we provide filling and packaging equipment to the Personal and Home care industry.


Water Fillers (RFC)

Are designed for automatic rinsing, filling (water, tea, and juices) and capping of glass or PET bottles. Range 24 to 96 valves, capacity of filling from 80 bottles of 0,5L to 1000 bottles of 0,5L per minute.


Isobaric Fillers (P-RFC)

Isobaric fillers P-RFC are designed for filling carbonated beverages into PET and glass bottles. The cycle of operation of machines includes rinsing, filling and capping/crowning. Size range 24 to 96 filling valves with capacity up to 900 bottles (0,5L) per minute.

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Pressure Gravity Fillers (PG-RFC)

Pressure gravity fillers are designed to fill beverages (water, juice, tea, wine, liquor, etc) into PET and glass bottles. Cycle of operation includes rinsing, filling and capping. Size range 18 to 84, capacity even up to 700 bottles (0,6l) per minute. Maintenance exact filling height.

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5 Gallon Bottles - MF-BPH

Consist of a tunnel for washing, disinfection and rinsing and the section of filling and capping 3-5-gallon bottles. Depending on Customers’ needs they allow achieving the capacity from 200 to 1600 of bottles per hour. Metering control of liquid assures exact volume in the bottle.

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