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Sleeve Seal’s SSL-800 Vertical Sleeve Labeler single head, super fast vertical labeler has been engineered to hit high speeds using a long cut length.

“Push you back in your seat” speeds are reached and maintained using the best engineered drive train with the best Allen Bradley controls. Now there is no need to slow down your line in order to match the labeler. Simple to operate, simple to reformat and simple to keep running for days and days – now there is no excuse for slower production.

SSL-800 Vertical Sleeve Labeler Drive Train

The SSL-800 Vertical Sleeve Labeler drive train is constructed of high-grade, precision machined parts that are all built for a single purpose – to deliver a consistent stream of labels to your containers. This robust, easy to adjust system is at the heart of all our high-speed sleeve label systems. The fast change mandrel provides the perfect sleeve profile to meet the incoming container no matter what shape or speed. It is also ideal for easy incorporation of new future formats.

Access Cabinet

All Sleeve Seal labeling machines are housed in heavy gauge stainless steel cabinets made with removable service doors for ease of maintenance and safety. Operators can manage operation and changeovers using our purpose built HMI and synchronized adjusters.

Cutter Box

Our patented cutter box utilizes four to six synchronized cutting blades for fast, precise cuts that won’t leave jagged film ends. The unique modular design allows for easy change of blades or quick, tool-less changes to other cutter boxes when changing label format or container size. Sleeve Seal cutter boxes use common, affordable utility blades that can be found in a local hardware store. Other blade types designed for use in harsh environments are also available.

SSL-800 Production Rate:Labels 800 CPM (Label Length 180 mm)

Bottle Sizes:25 – 130 mm diameter

Label Length:25 – 300 mm

Label Thickness:35 – 80 micron (µm)

Materials:PVC, PETG, OPS

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