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ProBrew Brewhouses

The heart of any brewery is an efficient and consistent brewhouse. At ProBrew we believe in the right amount of automation for a brewhouse allowing science to support the art of brewing. Utilizing state-of-the-art, industrial, Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) PLC’s and automation allows ProBrew to deliver semi-automatic or fully-automated brewhouses that deliver repeatable, efficient and high-yield brews at the right price-point.

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ProBrew Brewery Cellar

ProBrew Fermentation and Brite tanks can be designed to perfectly match the output of a ProBrew brewhouse or can be purchased individually to meet any brewery’s growth. All ProBrew tanks and vessels are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Design parameters such as, stainless steel selection & quality, cooling rates, insulation, cladding and supporting structure are designed to protect product integrity, maximize production yield and efficiency, and save energy and money for our customers.

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ProBrew Carbonation

The revolutionary line of ProCarb systems provides breweries with a wide range of inline carbonation, inline nitrogenation, and centrifugal separation technologies that are saving brewers time, money and energy while delivering best-in-class carbonation, nitrogenation and clarification results.

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ProBrew Profill

The PROFILL line of can, bottle and keg filling systems gives today’s rapidly growing craft brewers the platform and technology to meet today’s can, bottle and keg production requirements, plus offers a solid foundation for future growth at an unmatched price investment.

The entire line of beer filling systems is designed around maintaining the highest levels of product quality, while delivering best-in-class levels of production efficiency, throughput, reliability and simplicity.

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ProBrew Turnkey Lines

ProLine is a comprehensive, innovative, customer-centric approach to designing bottling and canning lines that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. ProLine packaging lines typically start with a ProFill Bottle or Can filler and utilize the most appropriate and reliable primary and secondary packaging systems such as depalletizers, uncasers, labelers, erectors, packers, palletizers and conveyor systems.

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Probrew has partnered up with Foeder Crafters of America to bring you an outstanding and eye popping item for your brewhouse/restaurant/bar


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