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Filling valves from FBN

Able to design filling valves for virtually all filling applications, including - but not limited to - pressure gravity, bowl, counter pressure and inline applications, FBN supplies replacement parts for the majority of equipment manufacturers. With filling valves available for equipment by US Bottlers, BC, Biner Ellison, Laub Hunt, Taiwainese, KHS, Mejer, Alsim, Fogg, MRM, Filler Specialties, Horix, Ave, Federal and more, we specialize in re-engineering and manufacturing the durable, high-performance parts that your operation needs.

Features offered by our filling valves

  • All certified US-manufactured raw materials

  • 100 percent US Production and Assembly

  • Most components machined on CNC, twin spindle lathes with y-axis capabilities and CNC mills featuring 4th-axis technology

  • No tip o-rings to eliminate the liability of o-rings falling into a bottle

  • Proprietary sealing system which virtually eliminates waste from valve leakage

  • Tight dimensional control, especially in concentricity, throughout all valve components eliminates leaking, sticking and premature wear

  • Valve fixtures to ensure every valve component is set to a specific torque setting and to limit liability of human inconsistencies, minimize downtime for rebuilds, increase longevity of individual components and make life easier for mechanics


Filler parts from FBN

Filler parts sourced from FBN aren't just replacements, they're upgrades. Manufactured to the strictest tolerances and to exacting, uncompromising specifications, the goal of our filler parts is to ensure that your bottling equipment operates smoothly and efficiently, all while maintaining your line's uptime and protecting your company's bottom line. To complement our catalog of filling valves and capping parts, FBN also manufactures a range of filler parts, including – but not limited to – guide rods, support rods, cam rollers, bolts, bushings, clips, weights, main filler rings, full manifold systems, gears and rotary unions. Aiming to prevent unnecessary downtime, we maintain a stock of thousands of filler parts to allow for immediate response and swift delivery.


Gripper assemblies from FBN Sales

FBN Sales produces complete gripper assemblies for equipment manufactured by US Bottlers, Zalkin, Arol, Alcoa, Fogg, Consolidated Cappers, Filler Specialties and other major manufacturers. Custom engineered using advanced 3D measuring and modeling equipment, our gripper assemblies are designed to be more than replacements, they are designed to be upgrades.

Features offered by our gripper assemblies

  • Proprietary hardening process provides superior durability and chemical resistance

  • Precision manufacturing allows for seamless, time-saving changeovers

  • Engineered using state-of-the-art software and equipment

  • Manufactured from premium, certified US-made materials


Cap chucks from FBN

Designed and manufactured in-house, cap chucks from FBN allow for unlimited customization and material options. As we manufacture replacement chucks for all major OEM's, we offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and customization. With cap chucks available for OEMs like Arol, Alcoa, Zalkin, Fogg, US Bottlers and Filler specialties, we supply chucks directly to both major cap manufacturers and end users.

Features offered by our cap chucks

  • All certified US-manufactured raw materials

  • 100% US production and assembly

  • Precision engineered

  • Custom broaching for increased closure control

  • Retention ball and o-ring covers

  • Hardened stainless steel construction


Handling parts & anti-rotation knives from FBN

FBN, utilizing a portable CMM – Coordinate Measuring System – has the ability to perform on-site design in facilities anywhere in the world. After we have documented your machine, we can provide you with all new changeover parts in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Whether your application requires outer neck guides, cap plates, cap stars, anti-rotation knives, or custom guides, FBN has access to the tools, experience and personnel necessary to design and manufacture your parts at our facility.


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